Ideation | Design thinking

This project came up in a conversation with a friend. She was telling me her issues about dieting. I asked her who she communicated, her progress, to the nutritionist. I was astonished by her answer, she has to send an excel attachment by email. Really?? In 2018??

After this conversation, I decided to develop a mobile app that would fulfill this function and others.

When I start my research focus in the buyer persona needs and concerts dieting I found the following insights.

  • People dieting feel lonely
  • They think that food that they are allowed to eat is boring and monotonous.
  • Their social life became hard to follow
  • They easily have a demotivating effect
  • They have any knowledge about nutrition.

With these premises, I began to define how the app would be like.

Observation | Research

Once I was clear about the content I launched a survey via google form to check if my hypothesis were correct. Out of 184 responses to the test, draw the following information:

  •  70.5% of the people interested were a woman
  • The average of people age was 30-50 years
  • They had a basic knowledge of nutrition
  • They were conscious about what they eat
  • 74.3% of people have been on a diet once.
  • 56.7% of them use Instagram
  • 46% feel alone while dieting
  • 32% use an app to register the data
  • 70% would like to share their achievements
Developing | Sketching

For relieved the buyer persona frustration, obtained by my research, I developed this features:

  • On the topic of the loneliness, I considered creating a network of nutritionists who will administer the tool guiding and advising users to meet their daily achievements. Obviously, this feature would be only in “the Last Plan” premium version.
  • In the matter that the food became boring, there will be advice and recipes to make the diet less tough.  
  • They could share their frustrations and achievements with other members of The Last Plan Community as well as read post about people´s tricks to reach their goals day by day.
  • To be motivated in the app there will be a ranking to measure yours objectives about food, physical activity, mood and weight with other people succeed.
  • And obviously, the chance to fill your daily goals

When the mockup was available I tested with several people and the general conclusion was that it is a quite helpful app and very easy to handle.

The result |The app
The result | The app