Digital native born in the analog age

Let me introduce myself: my name is Maria, that is Riama the other way around. I have almost 20 years experience in the digital world. I have seen every step of the digital technology since the beginning of internet as we know it. Although I was born as a “techie” person, I value beauty even in the tiniest thing. As a designer, the most important thing is when both, technology and aesthetics, interact together for the benefit of the final user.
I understand the needs and concerns of the different stakeholders involved in the process of creating any digital product although the technical challenges. Because my work experience and my social skills acquired by my background I can understand human behavior empathizing deeply with the buyer persona. Due to my career in the world of advertising, I have developed a lot the lateral thinking techniques to find divergent solutions to specific issues in any creative field.
My skills have developed in a lot of different disciplines:

Design thinking

Product design

Ux - Ui design

Creative director

Web design

Motion graphics

Graphic design



I am mentioning that I am a digital native born in the analog age because since I was little I have been fascinated by all the new technology around me. My first computer was a spectrum 48K since then I tried to have the most state-of-the-art ones.

My estudies are:

  •  Workshop UX Research and Strategy at Redbility → 
  •  Workshop Agile for UX at La nave nodriza → 
  •  Workshop Customer Journey Maps at EDIT → 
  •  Workshop Sketch- Invision at EDIT → 
  •  Postgrado en Usabilidad Web, Conversión y Experiencia de Usuario at IEBS  → 
  •  Wordpress professional at cursoswordpressmadrid → 
  •  Adobe After Effect at TRAZOS → 
  •  Introduction HTML and CSS 
  •  Drawing course → 
  •  Cartoon animation at ESDIP → 
  •  Bachelor in Arts and Technologies degree at Tracor School → 
  •  British council English courses for adults → 
  •  Yago school Brighton  → 


Before completing my degree, I started to work for a company designing cultural web-pages.
By the end of my studies were finished  I moved to a new job as Digital Art Director in several advertisement agencies. Afterwards, I became Digital Creative Director at Wunderman from the Young and Rubicam group.
After 10 years working for other companies, I decided to work for myself and created my own company “Riama Advertisement and Design”. Currently, I focus on small businesses, helping them will visual stuff.
  • Product Designer UX/UI | Riama (Actual)
  • Founder and visual designer | Riama 
  • Digital Creative Director | Wunderman
  • Digital Creative supervisor | Nurun / Crazy Labs
  • Digital Art Director | Wunderman
  • Digital Art Director | Whiplash
  • Digital Art Director | Agm Agbar
  • Web designer | Ifigenia Terra
  • Trainning Designer | Fundación Santa Maria La Real