Ideation | Design thinking

My professional calling as a designer makes me observe the world with a critical point of view and always finding opportunities to improve things. Like this time that I am joining Fitboxing classes and I have to use their web for everything. It has no sense that they don´t have an app. So I decided to create it.

Observation | Research

I have started analysing the value map and customer profile to understand the steps and difficulties that the user find day by day.

Now it comes up with a lot of question to be solved by the Fitboxing owners and the users. So I had run a google form and I went to the Gym (safari and field trip) to find out about their pains in the progress and how can I relief it. I also have been digging about clients opinion on the internet. Most of them are in twitter that seen to be the contact way to solved issues.

My research reveals this concerts about the website:

  • The website is not as useful that could be.
  • The users feel annoying all the step that they have to follow to do their tasks.
  • They would prefer a mobile app to manage their classes.
  • When the task is complicated they prefer to do it directly on the gym.
  • Some of them do not care about the score.
  • Most of them go accompanied to the fitboxing classes.
  • They change often the class time or day.
  • They have to make an effort to learn the class´s choreography.
  • They prefer to push-ups notification rather than emails.
  • They would like to have the possibility to consult their progress.
Developing | Sketching

As a result of my research and the obtained conclusions,  I began to draw the wireframes considering that I want the users can see all their information at once the very first time they open the app.

  • They would see their profile and edit it rapidly and easily.
  • Their progress is right there, no effort to be done.
  • They can change their next class, just there.
  • The choreography video is available to watch everytime they need to remember it. As well as the playlist of the class.
  • As they are in a cluster with their friends the ranking is available to consult.
  • There will be 4 principal taps in the main menu: My profile | My sessions | Brooklin | Settings

I am testing the wireframe with some fitboxing user to detect issues to solve them.

The result |The app
The result | The app