Ideation | Design thinking

I was working very focus in a project when a car alarm starts to beep and beep over an over again. I was desperate thinking please, somebody turns it down. But the car owner wasn´t aware of this. And  I thought “how easy would be to switch off from your cell app? That was gone be my next investigation!!. 

I found this question to be asked:

  • People with expensive cars have already this service
  • There has to be a gadget inside the car to communicate with the app
  • I have to know more about the required technology 
  • There has to be an internet connection in the car
  • How much money does it cost?
  • Who would install in the car the technology?

If all of this question I met with my friend Pubash who is the owner of an engineering company that develops an electronic component for many areas, mostly for renewable energy. He solved all my technical my doubts and told me that the project was achievable.

Observation | Research

So I ran a text to find out if people would be interested in this product.

The resoult were this: 

  • 90% The car has not been stolen
  •  77% would like to control it remotely
  • Most valued features:
    1. Locator
    2. Video camera
    3. Emergency call
    4. Stop alarm remotely
    5. Activate audio
    6. Deterrent smoke

With all the conclusión I start to sketch the app and the gadget.

Developing | Sketching

As people prefer to buy de device the packaging had to be very attractive. But the most important thing is that people consider that is a very high-quality product easy by themselves. 

The User Interface is very intuitive, it has five action buttons with the principal app purpose.

There is the main configuration menu where you can pair your mobile Bluetooth with the gadget Bluetooth to be connected. And their kind of configuration functions.

You can use the car camera to see inside your car. Forward and backward. And also you can record what it is happening inside.

Everybody forget where the car had been parked. With the locator function is easy to geolocate it. 

If something is happening in your care you can record an audio and play it inside to persuading the thief or the vandalism. 

Also, if something is happening, you can spread gas inside your car to make difficult breathing inside the car. 

And of course, you can directly call the police.

The result | The app
The result | The app