Ideation | Design thinking

Athenea talent team came to visit me because they were going to need a website and also a logo. At the very first time, I considered myself one of them and I got involve in all the strategy.

Athenea was chosen for the name of the company because they considered that the Myth of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, gather all their company Ethical Principles like the fullest harmonious development of human potential.

To be aligned with the Athena concept I created their logo and choose these roman icons to picture all their services on the website.

When the website was already online they talked to me about their concern about how to communicate their own work methodology that they had designed to improve the recruitment process.  I designed an infographic to represent and explain the Athenea Methodology.

When the infographic was done we realized it looked like a game and it could be very healful for candidates to have a game to find their suitable position. We decided to develop “The Athenea Talent Game” and see how could it be.

Developing | Sketching

I wanted to create a game that looks like the typical board game with dices and all that stuff. 

You can choose the color of the avatar as well as your name.

The most important thing to achieve was that the dices look as realist as they can be. To get it real movement was also important to seem real.

With the dices number, you move the avatar to the corresponding box.

Then you answer a question about some skills that you are about to acquire. 

Id the question is well answer then you continuos and update your profile. Other ways you have a lesson to learn.

The result |The app
The result | The app